martes, 10 de febrero de 2015

Mini Djellaba, Hoody or Smoking jacket

This warm, winter mini djellaba is made from thick wool. These djellabas are handmade with material hand woven on wooden looms in Tangiers. The Djellaba is warm and practical. Every Djellaba is hand made, therefore everyone is unique and the colours in the stripes may vary slightly. Visit our collection of warm wniter Djellabas and Hoodies.

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Hassle Free Shopping

Shop Morocco was created in 2007 by esteve.
Having very close relations with morocco for many years,It seemed to obvious step to take.Now thanks to our much appreciated customers it's growing steadily every day.We are based in Tarifa,Spain.
Tarifa,on the southern coast of spain, the most southern point of europe. Although in Spain,Tarifa's closest city is Tangiers, Morocco.
With only 14k of water (the Straits of Gibraltar) between them.
Trade between the two towns and the rest of europe as existed since the start of time.
Shop Morocco
is a truly hassle free experience.If you've every been lucky enough to travel morocco ,The hustle and bustle of the markets and towns,the sometimes overwhelming pressure of people trying to help or advise.
You will appreciate what Shop Morocco has to offer.Whether its Carpets or Ceramics.Furniture or Lanterns. Enjoy the Hassle free experience of shopping from your own home.

Shop Morocco

Shop Morocco
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